Crazed Foods Get After It Shaker, 16 oz BPA Free & Lid Mixing Technology, Blue

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Crazed Foods Get After It Shaker, 16 oz BPA Free & Lid Mixing Technology, Blue Description

The Crazed Foods shaker bottle is perfect for any active person looking to mix and store their favorite supplements, powders, or proteins. It’s the ultimate way to get after your pre-workout routine!Our all new blue 16 oz Crazed Food Shaker was designed with durability in mind so it can take a beating. You don’t have to worry about leaks either – this bottle fits snugly and won’t spill your beverage anywhere but in your belly! The 16oz size of our shaker is just right: not too big that it clogs up your bag or is hard to drag around: yet enough room for hydration throughout the day. Here are some of the top benefits you’ll get from our Crazed Foods Shakers: 1) Mix drinks easily with no mess: 2) Get after it with confidence knowing you have a durable product on hand: 3) Leak proof design ensures spills stay away from clothes and furniture: 4) Perfectly sized at 16 ounces – not too big nor small 5 ) Shop conveniently online through Amazon located here in Norwalk, California.

The Crazed Foods Shaker Bottle is the perfect addition to your active lifestyle! Based in Norwalk, California, this shaker bottle has all of the features you need to keep you hydrated and energized. From mixing any supplement powders or proteins to taking a beating during an intense workout, this bottle will become your new best friend. Here are our top 5 features: 1. Mix Drinks: Perfect for mixing any supplements, powders or proteins! 2. Get After It: The 16 oz Crazed Food Shaker is great for pre-workouts and energy boosters! 3. Durable: This tough bottle can take a beating – it’s made with strong materials that won’t let you down when things get tough at the gym! 4. No Leak Bottle: A snug fit ensures no messes – just make sure your favorite beverage ends up where it’s supposed to be – inside of you not on your shirt! 5 .16oz Size : Not too big and not too small – 16 ounces give you plenty of room without clogging up your bag or being hard to carry around throughout the dayEnjoying life while staying hydrated has never been easier with Crazed Foods’ Shaker Bottle Technology: now available online at Amazon so don’t wait – order yours today and experience its benefits first hand!.


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