By The Cup Shaker Cups (2-Pack)

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By The Cup Shaker Cups (2-Pack) Description

Introducing the 2 – 20 oz By The Cup Shaker Cup – perfect for mixing, shaking and storing your favorite drinks. Whether you’re a health enthusiast looking to make protein shakes or just want to keep your smoothie fresh and tasty, this shaker cup has everything you need.This sleek stainless steel shaker bottle comes with a wire whisk mixing ball for smooth blending and no lumps! It also features a threaded cap with snap lock tab so that it stays secure while on-the-go. And there’s even a fluid measure line on the side of the bottle so you can accurately track how much liquid is inside without opening it up! Top 5 Benefits: 1) Secure Threaded Cap & Snap Lock Tab: Keeps contents safe when travelling: prevents leakage or spills during transport 2) Wire Whisk Mixing Ball: Ensures ingredients blend together quickly and evenly without leaving any lumps behind 3) Fluid Measure Line On Side Of Bottle: Allows users to accurately track liquid volume without having to open up the container 4) Sleek Stainless Steel Design : Adds style while still being highly durable: won’t break down easily like plastic containers 5) Hand Wash Only (Not Dishwasher Safe): Makes cleaning easy yet ensures durability over time


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