Blendtec 30oz Reusable Single Serve Blender Bottle with Travel Lid and BPA-Free Jar – Clear

Blendtec 30oz Reusable Single Serve Blender Bottle with Travel Lid and BPA-Free Jar – Clear Description

Blendtec products are designed with professional chefs and food enthusiasts in mind. Whether you’re looking for a blender to take on the go or one that will stand up to daily use, Blendtec has the perfect solution. The Blendtec GO Travel Bottle offers an innovative way to blend single servings of your favorite recipes directly into a disposable cup for ultimate convenience and portability. Plus, it features all of these top benefits: 1) No Tamper/Plunger Needed – The unique design of this blender eliminates the need for any plunger or tamper tool while blending so you can get perfectly smooth results every time without any mess! 2) Professional-Grade Blender Cup Compatible – This bottle is compatible with all Blendtec models (not compatible with mix n’ blend models). 3) Blunt Safety Blade – An 80% thicker blade than other blades makes this blender more durable and powerful than ever before! Plus, it’s ten times stronger too so you know your ingredients won’t be damaged during blending. 4) BPA-Free & Impact Resistant Jar – With its 34 oz Volume jar capacity (24 oz blending capacity wet or dry), you can easily make multiple servings at once without worrying about damaging your container from everyday wear and tear! And thanks to its easy-to-read markings, measuring out ingredients is effortless as well. 5 )Go Travel Lid & Micronizer Base Included – Take advantage of both accessories when making delicious smoothies anytime anywhere! It’s perfect for those busy days when time is short but nutrition still matters most. At our shop located in Norwalk California we have everything needed by professional chefs and home cooks alike who want nothing less than perfection from their kitchen appliances: including high quality blenders like the convenient yet powerful BlendTec Go Travel Bottle accessory that will help create delicious dishes quickly—all while keeping clean up easy as pie!

Blendtec products are the ultimate kitchen tool for anyone looking to create delicious and healthy meals. From smoothies and shakes to salsas, dips, dressings and more – Blendtec has you covered! The Blendtec go travel bottle accessory is perfect for on-the-go convenience: no tamper/plunger needed. The top 3 features of the Blendtec go travel bottle include: 1) Professional grade blender cup compatible with all models (not mix n’ blend). 2) Blunt safety blade that is 80% thicker & ten times stronger than other blades. 3) BPA-free & impact resistant 34 oz Volume jar with 24 oz blending capacity (wet or dry). These features offer a variety of benefits that make it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite recipes at home or on the go! With its convenient size, powerful motor, durable construction and easy cleanup process – there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative in the kitchen. Plus, this product comes with an easy-to-read jar markings so you can measure out ingredients quickly and accurately every time!


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