BlenderBottle Pro45 Grey/Blue Extra Large 45-Ounce Shaker Bottle

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BlenderBottle Pro45 Grey/Blue Extra Large 45-Ounce Shaker Bottle Description

Introducing the BlenderBottle Pro45 – the extra-large shaker bottle with 45-ounce capacity. This revolutionary blender ball is 50% heavier than a standard BlenderBall, so you can power through thicker, higher volume shakes and smoothies. Plus, it comes with an adjustable carry loop for added portability and SpoutGuard to protect against dirty gym fingers.The Pro45 is perfect for anyone looking to make thick protein shakes, smoothies or pancake batter on the go! It’s dishwasher safe and BPA/phthalate free so you can enjoy your favorite drinks without worrying about harmful chemicals seeping into your beverages. With its unique design features like a carrying loop and spout guard protection: this shaker bottle makes it easy to take your healthy snacks wherever life takes you! Top 3 Benefits: 1) Extra large 45-ounce capacity – 50% larger than a regular blender ball – making it ideal for thicker high volume shakes & smoothies 2) Adjustable carry loop allows portability of shake mix & drink ingredients 3) SpoutGuard protects spout from dirt & germs Experience convenience at its best with BlenderBottle Pro45 – get yours today at our shop in Norwalk California!


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