2-Pack Nutribullet Lid Blender Flip Top To-Go Lid Accessories, Compatible with 600W/900W Models

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2-Pack Nutribullet Lid Blender Flip Top To-Go Lid Accessories, Compatible with 600W/900W Models Description

NutriBulle is proud to offer its customers the perfect combination of convenience and efficiency with its 600 watts and Pro 900 Series Cups. This amazing product package comes complete with two Flip Top To-Go Lids for NutriBulle, as well as a rubber gasket that has already been pre-installed in the lids to ensure no leaks occur. Crafted from high quality food grade plastic and featuring BPA free, high impact plastic construction, this convenient item is not only safe for use in your dishwasher but also easy to clean!Here are our top 3 features: 1) Compatibility – NutriBulle 600 watts & Pro 900 Series Cups compatible with Cup 18 oz(Small Size)?24 oz(Tall Size)and 32 oz(Huge Size). 2) Package Included – 2 Flip Top To-Go Lid for Nutribullet plus a preinstalled rubber gasket. 3) High Quality Materials – Food grade plastic cover on flip seal made from BPA Free & High Impact Plastic construction. These top features bring numerous benefits that make using this product an absolute pleasure! Firstly, you can be sure of optimal compatibility across all cups sizes meaning there will be no fuss or worry about whether it fits or not! Secondly, you don’t have to go through any hassle when setting up – just open the box and start blending away since everything required (including lid seals!) are already included in the package itself! Finally it’s peace of mind knowing that these materials used are both safe AND durable so your investment will last longer than ever before! With all these benefits combined together into one awesome product – why wait? Get yours today at Norwalk California’s premier online shop now!.

The NutriBulle is the perfect kitchen companion, offering an array of features that make food prep and meal-making easy. Whether you’re making smoothies, sauces or even nut butter, the NutriBulle has you covered with its 600 watts power motor and Pro 900 Series Cups in three different sizes: 18 oz (Small Size), 24 oz (Tall Size) and 32 oz (Huge Size). At our shop located in Norwalk California we offer a great selection of accessories for your Nutribullet including two Flip Top To-Go Lids made from high quality materials – food grade plastic covers with a BPA free flip seal plus high impact plastic to ensure safe use in dishwashers. These lids are designed to provide excellent sealing capabilities so no more worrying about leaks! The rubber gaskets come preinstalled on the lids too which makes it easier than ever before. Our top 3 features include: 1) Compatibility – Compatible with all models of NutriBulle blenders: 600 Watts & Pro 900 Series Cups available in 3 different sizes: 18oz(Small size), 24oz(Tall size) & 32oz(Huge size). 2) Quality Materials – Food grade plastic cover for flip seal + High impact plastic ensuring safe use when cleaning dishes: BPA Free materials used throughout product range 3 ) After Sales Service – We offer 30 days return service should you have any questions or problems with your product: we are here to help answer all queries quickly & efficiently!


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